1. How to become a member of the KABU PASS Membership Rewards Program?

Download the KABU PASS APP and follow the on-screen instructions to complete a simple registration and SMS verification process, and you will become a Basic Member of the KABU PASS Membership Rewards Program New Scheme. The membership is free of charge.

2. Which brands does KABU PASS apply to?

KABU PASS Rewards Program is applicable to Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Gyu-Kaku Buffet, Gyu-Kaku Jinan-Bou, On-Yasai, Mou Mou Club, HAP Taiwanese Hotpot, Peace Cuisine, Wing Wah AllDay, THE MATCHA TOKYO (starting from 5.21) and many more brands to come.

3. I don’t want to download the KABU PASS APP. May I become a member through web registration?

You can only become a KABU PASS member by completing the registration and mobile phone number verification on the KABU PASS APP.

4. Can I share the membership account with my family and friends?

KABU PASS is a personal rewards program. We aim to provide exclusive benefits and rewards to each member, so it is not allowed to transfer, share, or lend the membership account to others.

If a member logs in to the same account with multiple mobile devices, the party who logged in earlier will be forced to log out. In addition, the membership QR code in the KABU PASS APP will be automatically refreshed regularly. Expired membership QR code cannot be used for earning KABU POINT or enjoying other member privileges.
5. What are the membership tiers under the KABU PASS New Scheme? What benefits are available at each tier?

The New Scheme is divided into three tiers: Basic, Silver and Gold. Basic Members will be upgraded to Silver Members if they accumulate $3,500 in spending within 12 consecutive calendar months; Silver Members will be upgraded to Gold Members if they accumulate $12,000 in spending within 12 months. For point rewards, e-coupons, discount offers and upgrade / renewal details of each membership level, please refer to the session "New Membership Scheme" of this website.
6. What is the membership validity period? How to renew my membership?

KABU PASS Basic Membership is valid permanently, while Silver and Gold Memberships are valid for 12 months from the day of successful upgrade (valid until the last day of the 12th month). Upon reaching the cumulative spending requirement within the membership validity period, Silver and Gold Members can renew their membership for another 12 months. The membership of Gold Members can be extended to a maximum of 36 consecutive months. Silver and Gold Members who cannot reach the cumulative spending requirement within the membership validity period will be downgraded to Basic or Silver Members. If a Basic Member has no transaction record in 24 months, the membership will be frozen.
7. What is KABU POINT?

KABU POINT is the membership point of the new "KABU PASS Rewards Program". Silver Members can earn 1 KABU POINT for every $1 eligible spending, and Gold Members can earn 1.5 KABU POINT for every $1 eligible spending. The point s earning rate vary among different brands or be subject to change based on latest Terms and Conditions.

Eligible spending is calculated based on the actual net amount paid per transaction after deducting points payment and discounts (including service charge), excluding the purchase of retail products, selected promotional menus, and cash/product vouchers, unless otherwise specified.
8. How to use my KABU POINTS?

Every 100 KABU POINTS earned can be used as $10 in your next transaction. Members can use their points by presenting the member QR code in the KABU PASS APP to staff before payment.
9. I forgot to present my KABU PASS APP before payment. Can I have the points re-issued?

Members must present the member QR code in the KABU PASS APP before payment to earn KABU POINT. Points cannot be re-issued.
10. How to obtain member e-coupons?

You will receive designated e-coupons upon successful registration as a KABU PASS member or upgrade of membership level. You may also receive personalised e-coupons from each brand under KABU PASS from time to time. You are recommended to check the discount offers on KABU PASS regularly and turn on APP push notification to receive the latest promotion news.