1. How to become a Kabu member?

You can apply to become a Silver Member of Kabu Rewards Programme at only HK$200 at any of the Kabu co-brands Hong Kong branches to enjoy our member's exclusive offers ( included dine-in discount/ eCoupon / earn bonus point) immediately. After online registered member account, you will become Kabu Member and you can redeem fabulous rewards with designated bonus points. (only applicable to online registered members). 

2. How to become a Gold Member?

It is available for renewal member who achieve the certain spending during the previous membership terms. For details, please visit: 

3. Can I have more than one KABU PASS?

Yes, you can but the membership and bonus points are non-transferrable. That means although all the cards are under your name, you cannot transfer bonus points from one card to another. Also, Email cannot be duplicate from our database, that means if you have to register more than one KABU PASS account, you have to prepare more than one email address.

4. How to register the online member account?

Members have to log on to our member website by entering registration number, activation code and some personal information at the “Membership Activation” page to complete the registration.

5. Any questions if I didn't complete online activate after bought Kabu Pass immediately ?

If member didn't activate your account after bought the Kabu Pass, you have the following questions: 1) once you lost your Kabu pass, we cannot replacement card for you. 2) You cannot enjoy the redemption bonus reward. 3) You cannot enjoy birthday surprise.

6. What is the bonus point used for?

You can redeem fabulous prizes when you accumulated designated bonus points. For details, please refer to

7. Can I enjoy exclusive member offers together with other in-store promotions?

Member exclusive offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, discount or cash coupons.

8. Can I enjoy dine-in discount after complete one bill transaction immediately?

No. Member can enjoy once discount & once e-Coupon & once redemption items at each time slot (before 11:30; 11:31-17:00/17:00-closed) per day. Member can maximum use Kabu Pass per time slot (total 3 times / day).

9. How many e-Coupon I can use every transaction ?

Member can use one e-Coupon at each timeslot, each e-Coupon can be used once only and you have to reach those Term and condition of e-Coupon.

10. Can I still enjoy the offers and earn bonus points if I forgot to bring my KABU PASS?

All members should present their KABU PASS or login member account successfully with Kabu App before ordering, or otherwise such transaction will not be eligible for enjoying the offers and earning bonus points.