1. 【2020.08.05】Free-flow all-you-can-drink at $68 in Gyu-Kaku & Gyu-Kaku Buffet

Starting from 5 Aug 2020, Gyu-Kaku Olympian City Shop, Aberdeen Shop, Tuen Mun Town Plaza Shop, Sham Shiu Po V Walk Shop & Gyu-Kaku Buffet launch new Sake, Liqueur & Draft Beer all-you-can-drink* with 8 selections. Recommendations include Kurayoshi Distillery Matsui Umeshu with Japanese Whisky, Shirayuki Sake, Yuzu Liqueur and Yakiniku partner – Asahi Beer – Super Dry & Sapporo Draft Beer.

*Require to order all-day All-you-can-eat Menu



2. 【2020.07.20】Kabu fight the virus together with you!

During the period of prohibition of the dine-in dinner, starting from today, the $50 Banknote is applicable for all the takeaway items for all Kabu brands! All the terms and conditions for using the coupon unchanged, but the amount paid for takeaway item is not applicable for getting the $50 banknote.

Also, Due to the fluctuation of the epidemic, we know that it may be difficult for members to accumulate the spending for extending the member! The priority seating arrangement improved after using identity checking. In order to encourage people stay at home, starting from 1st August, 2020, the required amount for extending the gold level membership will be lowered from $20,000 to $11,999 until further notice. If members* already accumulated $11,999 on or before 31st August, they can extend the membership at the earliest on 1st September, 2020.   


*For those membership joined / extended before 1st February 2020, the upgrade or extension process will be effective after the membership expired



3. 【Up to 40% off】Discount level up at On-Yasai!!

Let’s enjoy 40% off discount on selected takeaway items at On-Yasai! Shabu shabu set include soup base, appetizer, meat, pot dishes and vegetables. The set for 2 just $361.8; the set for 4 just $556.8 only! Other takeaway items are offering 25% off discount. Order it on our online ordering platform or order at our shop with your family and friends!


40% off & 25 % off items details:

Online ordering:

Photos are for reference only.

Terms & conditions are applied, please contact our staff for more details.


4/F, Plaza 2000, Causeway Bay (Tel. No.: 3709 8328)

No. 37A, 3/F, LCX, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui (Tel. No.: 2153 1801)  

LG1-29, Festival Walk, Kowloon Bay (Tel. No.: 3106 4218) 

No. 309, 3/F, Cityplaza One (Tel. No.: 2107 4088)

4. 【2020.06.22】40% off bring Yoogane's Chicken Galbi home!

Selected self-pickup Chicken Galbi are 40% off now. 


Terms and conditions apply.

40% off selected Chicken Galbi menu

Other self-pickup menu up to $48

40% off Korean Chicken Galbi。Bulgogi DIY set menu

Online order


Shop 350-352, 3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan (Tel: 2810 0608)

5. Kumamoto A5 Black Wagyu available at WTC Mou Mou Club

A5 Wagyu fans please get noted! Kumamoto A5 Black Wagyu will be available at WTC Mou Mou Club starting from 24th June!! This All-You-Can-Eat courses, you can enjoy the 120 minutes unlimited refill of the Kumamoto A5 Black Wagyu, Satsuma Kuroushi Wagyu and six kinds of seafood! Let’s come and enjoy the tasty courses on holidays!


*Adults per person: lunch /$438; dinner/$548 (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays +$10)
*Menu details:


🏠 Branch store address can refer to:
❤Follow our IG:




6. 【2020.06.22】Free upgrade Jajangmyeon (Black Bean Sauce Noodles) at Yoogane

Yoogane has newly launched a limited upgrade delicious combination in All-you-can-eat menu. Enjoy the upgraded Jajangmyeon (Black Bean Sauce Noodles) in a delicious combination of Yoogane's signature! 

Terms and conditions apply.

Let's make a reservation by phone or this "Kabu App"

Shop 350-352, 3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan (Tel: 2810 0608)

7. 【2020.06.19】Free Honey Soju on Father's Day at Yoogane

Yoogane's has a limited time on Father's Day. Free a Honey Soju while dining on 21/6 at dinner time, every 4 people will free 1 "Honey Soju", every 8 people Free 2 "Honey Soju".Let's make a great moment with Father!! While you give your present,  don't forget to say I love you!!

Terms and conditions apply.

Let's make a reservation by phone or this "Kabu App"

Shop 350-352, 3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan (Tel: 2810 0608)

8. 【2020.06.19】Guideline for members who enjoy member's privileges!

Starting from today, member can enjoy Kabu Pass member privilege once per day before and after 5pm (maximum use twice per day). Valid membership card (including a newly purchased membership card) must be presented before placing an order when members enjoy member's privileges. We look forward to your visit.












9. 【2020.06.19】Guideline for Gold Member’s Privilege!

Starting from 19th June 2020, Gold Member's priority seating arrangement can be used once per day before and after 5pm (maximum use twice per day).

To protect the interests of Kabu Pass members and secure membership accounts’ safety, security measures for Gold members will be effective from 1st July 2020. All Gold members who enjoy any Gold Member Benefits (including member's privileges and priority seat arrangements, etc.), he or she has to show the hard copy of Gold Member Card or true copy documents (including credit card (or ATM card), driving licence, student card, identity card (or passport)) when using Kabu App for the purpose of membership verification. It aims to make sure guests can enjoy food and quality services, with the member privileges at ease. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Members can update the membership name via on or before 24th June 2020 if necessary. Please email to or contact hotline 3154 6800 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) for any queries regarding membership details. Looking forward to your visit.






10. 【2020.06.17】Honey & Pomelo Chicken Galbi launch now at Yoogane!!

A Brand New menu of "Honey & Pomelo Chicken Galbi "  launch now in Yoogane!


50% off of Bulgogi DIY set on self pick-up menu

Order on the website


Let's make a reservation by phone or this "Kabu App"

Shop 350-352, 3/F, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan (Tel: 2810 0608)