1. 【2018.09.19】Half Price for Chicken Galbi x Korean Teppan Hotpot or Korean Deep-fried Chicken

Not satisfy with Chicken Galbi only? Customer can also enjoy free Korean Teppan Hotpot or Korean Deep-fried Chicken upon patronage any Chicken Galbi. You can enjoy 50% off during selected period*!

*selected period

📍(1) Lunch Offer: From Mon-Thu (except public holidays) )11:30am-4pmregular price$16850%off $84
📍(2)Early Dinner and Late Dinner Offer #from Mon-Thu (except public holidays and eve)regular price$20850%off $104
 (# early dinner: settle the bill before 7:30pm is required
late dinner: patronage after 9pm)
T&C:-Adult price is available only; 10% service charge based on regular price will be counted; from 2 persons; Cannot use conjunction with other offers 

Yoogane Address:

Shop 709, 7F, Shatin New Town Plaza 1
T: 35719993




2. 【2018.09.17】Limited CYO Tsukimi Karubi available at Gyu-Kaku

From now till 25 September 2018, all Gyu-Kaku shops* launched CYO Tsukimi Karubi, using hot pick item with Karubi and extra  portion of Tare & Egg Yolk. We offer two dishes on this promotion, including CYO Tsukimi Karubi (Black Truffle Tare & Egg Yolk) and CYO Tsukimi Karubi (Tare & Egg Yolk). Let’s celebrate Mid-autumn Festival with your friends and family!

*Excluding Aberdeen, Olympian City and Tuen Mun Town Plaza Shop

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3. 【2018.09.05】Limited Offer – Dry Aged Beef is now available at Gyu-Kaku

From now till 31 Oct 2018, Dry Aged Beef is available at all Gyu-Kabu shops (except Aberdeen, Olympian City & Tuen Mun Town Plaza shop), we selected the beef from Scotland with relatively low price.The natural flavor of the beef is more concentrated and saturated and full of tenderness and desirable texture of meat. It is the most satisfying dish for meat-lovers!





4. 【2018.09.04】Cool Choice Lunch Menu Specials Launch At On-Yasai Festival Walk and Causeway Bay shops!

For On-Yasai Festival Walk and Causeway Bay customers, you can select the cool choice lunch menu specials at much more bargain price. The lunch set is just from $88 with Danish pork and chicken selection. Let's call your friends to enjoy the no.1 Japanese shabu shabu now! 

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5. 【2018.09.04】New Lunch Menu Launch At On-Yasai Now!

Nothing works better than tasting the new lunch sets at On-Yasai. On-Yasai introduces 4 new lunch sets including different meat choices, assorted vegetables, pot dishes, rice or udon and one drink together with seaweed soup base, which you can experience multi palate of the mouth-watering shabu shabu! 

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6. 【2018.09.03】New Seasonal Soups available at Mou Mou Club!

New Seasonal Soups are now available at all Mou Mou Club shops. “Yuzu Soup with Yam Bean" is sweet and tangy. Another recommendation is "Spicy Mongolian and Herb Soup". The soup can help to boost metabolism, and it is suggested to eat together with New Zealand Lamb and new items at food buffet table. All soups are free to enjoy upon any purchase of All-You-Can-Eat courses.

*Free flow of New Zealand Lamb upon purchase of any 90 minutes All-You-Can-Eat courses
(Except Danish Crown Pork and American Chicken Thigh All-You-Can-Eat courses)

Please click HERE for more details.

7. 【2018.09.03】Mou Mou Club Causeway Bay & Moko Shop Exclusive Offer: Enjoy 50% off Kumamoto A5 grade Wagyu Beef!

Kumamoto Wagyu Beef All-You-Can-Eat is newly available at Mou Mou Club Causeway Bay and Moko shop. Kumamoto Wagyu Beef has been carefully cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture, raising by specific feeds and rich mineral groundwater. The rib eye part has been selected and the wagyu is soft in texture with rich flavor. Customers can enjoy 50% off (from $348) on Kumamoto Wagyu Beef All-You-Can-Eat for any 2 persons or above purchase. Let’s gather with friends to taste the delicious Kumamoto Wagyu Beef at these shops now!

Please check HERE for more details.



8. 【2018.09.03】On-Yasai Late Lunch Offer starts from 2:30pm! (LCX shop starts from 3pm)

Enjoy 30% off upon patronage of any Lunch Sets at On-Yasai. Let's come at 2:30pm and have a wonderful late lunch shabu shabu! You may also choose Tea Sets as well!

*Late lunch offer and tea menu available from Monday to Friday during 14:30-17:00 (LCX shop: 15:00-17:00), except public holidays.

Click HERE for more details about 30% off Lunch Menu

Click HERE for Tea Menu 


9. 【2018.09.01】New Weekend Lunch Menu is available at Gyu-Kaku Tai Po & Kowloon Bay shop now!

Starting from 1 Sept 2018, Gyu-Kaku offers the appetizing Yakiniku Set with Seafood or Mushrooms, Salad and Rice w/ Toasted Seaweed & Spring Onion and the Rice in Stone Pot Set for selection! Let’s enjoy the weekend lunch set with your beloved ones during holidays!

Available on Sat, Sun & Public holiday only!

Menu:click here

10. 【2018.08.31】Gyu-Kaku Late Lunch Offer start at 2:30pm

You can enjoy 30% off upon patronage of any Lunch Sets at Gyu-Kaku after 2:30pm*. Let's come and have a wonderful late lunch!

(Available from Monday to Friday 2:30pm-5pm, except public holidays)

*LCX Shop starts at 3:00pm

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